Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Praline Pecan Crackers

Most of you know my personal problems. Heck I have blogged about anything and everything, not even allowing my monthly cycles to pass without an nod (but no more thanks to novasure.com). But the one I speak of today is the one that holes me up much like Howard Hughes. I am a germaphob. I am also not a high maintenance girl. Sure I like nice clothes and things, but it certainly isn’t something I obsess over. I know some women that it is a requirement to have their nails done every week. And if you fall into this category, I do not mean to offend. There certainly isn’t anything wrong with that, it just isn’t me-I guess I would rather put that money elsewhere than displayed on my fingertips. Some my see my fingers and think otherwise. Also, the germ thing scares me. I am certain I would walk out of a salon with some forsaken fungus under my nails and quite certainly it would be the death of me.
I did on a couple occasions allow a good friend, who is a licensed nail tech to give me a pedicure in her own unused sterilized foot bath. One day she had made these most delicious praline crackers. I think I almost felt what all these women like, being primped and waited on…but I got over it the minute my pretty pedicure began to chip and I just went back to bare old Leigh, with a clear polish glaze.
I did walk away from my pedicure with this great recipe. I know, just what you want when discussing my feet- a recipe for food. But believe me, you will forget your problems too-for at least a moment, when you bite into these cheap little poor mans gem of a candy. Almost takes me back to the city of New Orleans.

Praline Graham Crackers

1 pkg. graham crackers 1 ½ C brown sugar
1 C butter 2 C Pecans

Put crackers in a single layer on pan (15x10x1). Boil margarine, sugar and pecans for 2 minutes, stirring constantly. Spread on graham crackers. Bake 10 minutes in a 350 degree oven.

See how easy that was? And yum! How delicious!

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Anonymous said...

Do you crumble the graham crackers first?

I have HORRIBLE nails b/c I bit them until I was 20 years old and now they won't grow right, so if I don't keep them done, they look just awful. If I could at least get them to grow to the fingertips and look nice, I'd be happy.