Friday, November 9, 2007

Kata Soupa Avgolemono

While staying at Elaine's Mentone cabin this past weekend, we had a variety of soups that warmed our spirits and stomachs. One of these was a recipe of Elaine's mother in law, Mrs. Piazza, who is Italian. This recipe was loved by all and had a unique flavor by being both sweet and sour. It is a thick soup, which is very filling and hearty. When preparing bowls, ladle in the rice in the soupy liquid, then top off with a hearty helping of the chicken that has been shredded or cut into bite sized chunks. Enjoy!


Jenny Hope said...

Leigh does your cousin that works for 3340 have blonde hair? I met someone setting up tonight at the mall (just a few minutes like 10:30)???

Leigh said...

She does. I am sure it was her b/c she told me she was working. She does that kind of things for the station. I hate to post her name on my blog w/o her permission, but it starts with a G. She is a sweetheart. Wow! What a conincidence.

Jenny Hope said...

Tell her that i was the one complaining about their new web site! That is so funny! Small world!! I am sure I would know your family. Morgan is 2 1/2 and we keep the nursery a lot. If you want to tell me their last name on an email address is :)