Wednesday, November 5, 2008

WhistleStop Cafe Cookbook-Starting Fresh

I am currently on a lucky streak! I recently won two giveaways. One was from a blogger friend, whose blog I just adore, Whistlestop Cafe Cooking. It's the blog of Sandi & her husband Bill where they blog about the Whistlestop Cafe. It's about good home cooking, recipes and tips; food, family, and fun. If the Whistlestop Cafe sounds familiar, it should....It was once owned by Fannie Flagg (a personal friend of Sandi) and was loosely based on the movie Fried Green Tomatoes.
As a southerner, it's a blog I can relate to. And as a southern girl who enjoys cooking, I was ecstatic to find that I won a copy of Sandi's cookbook, Whistlestop Cafe Cookbook "Starting Fresh Fun and Easy Recipes", which she was kind enough to personalize to me. I will treasure this cookbook for-evah!

I also won a custom Whistle Stop Cafe apron. It retails for $19.95

The pocket reads, "Give me some Sugar!" How cute is that!?!

This cookbook has quickly become my favorite. I have quite a collection of cookbooks, and some have some good recipes, but there sprinkled in between those pages are recipes I would probably never make. This is Not the case in the Whistle Stop Cafe Cookbook, where I can and will make and use every single recipe in the book. The recipes are easy to read, they use ingredients found in any pantry, and sprinkled between the pages are some great words of wisdom. It's a great "go to" book when you need inpiration or ideas for the table. I will not be putting this one on the shelf. This one has quickly earned it's place displayed right on my counter top.
What? You want one too? Well, let me say don't just get one for yourself, pick up a few because this makes the perfect Christmas Gift for everyone. It is perfect for empty nesters, to picky families, to kids leaving for college. Which was the very reason for Sandie writing the cookbook. It is a "love letter" for her kids, if you will, by sharing these great family recipes with her own family.
Sandie sells the cookbooks along with many specialty food staples and seasonings through her web site A Pinch of This and a Pinch of That! You can email Sandi regarding cookbooks, and if you would like, request that she sign a book for you. Cookbooks sell for $15.95 each. Please, tell her that Leigh sent you!


Mari said...

I came here from the Whistle stop Cafe and have really enjoyed my visit!

Tammy said...

Such cute things here. Ya' know this GRITS girl has nevah been to the Whistlestop. I am SO ashamed.

Sandi @ the Whistlestop said...

I am so glad you liked the cookbook and the apron. We really had fun with them!