Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Chicken & Salsa Soft Taco's

I am going to do a feature. Hmmm, sounds so "exclusive". Consider yourself part of the group! This week, I am going to post our weekly meals and recipes. It's "What's for Supper".
I know, I always hear it from my kids..."Mom, what's for supper?". Often times I begin to look around the kitchen to see what I can make in a mad dash, because someone has to be at "practise" in less than a few minutes. Such was the case last night.
So, it's "What's for Supper". Maybe you can find your family menu here. I have a family full of picky people, so I have to find recipes that will make the cut of everyone-which sometimes can be hard!

Last night was one of those nights, when people are scattering soon, but looking for a filling meal. This recipe is so simple, because of the shortcuts, and because I usually have all these ingredients on hand, saving me a trip to the grocery store (UGG!). My youngest son request this meal often.
Take one of these... A Rotisserie chicken. Mine came from Walmart, but you can find them at most grocery stores in their deli. I just grab what looks freshest (they mark the time it was cooked on the bag). Yesterday it was "Lemon Pepper". My oldest child, "Bama", asked that I "buy that flavor every time", he loves it.

Take that fresh and warm chicken out of the bag and begin separating the meat from the bird. I then dice mine up for the tacos.

Next take some warmed salsa (just nuke in the microwave) . Again, flavor choice is up to you. And mix that up with your chicken.

And basically, there you have it....the base mixture for your soft tacos.

Or, taco salad, if that what it is. You can tweak this recipe to suit your taste and for what you have on hand.

Just add the condiments and relishes and you are done. In about 10 minutes-tops!
Serve this recipe with my friend Zinnia's Spanish Rice and you have a complete meal.

For Homemade Super Salsa click here.

That's "What's for Supper!"
Come back to see what is being served up tomorrow.


Mari said...

Great idea for an easy meal!

Anonymous said...

I finally tried these this weekend. So yummy and easy!!