Friday, September 11, 2009

Foodie Friday-Beef Tips & Rice, Plus** The Cornbread Gospels

It's Friday and around many parts of Blogland, that means it is Gollum's Foodie Friday.

Today I want to share a crock pot meal, which can also be made in the oven. My aunt Wanda gave me this recipe, it is for Beef Tips and Rice. It is one of my husbands favorite meals, and it is so easy to prepare!

Beef Tips and Rice
sirlion beef tips
1 package dry onion soup mix
1 cup water or sprite (I use water)
1 can beefy mushroom soup (I have also used golden mushroom)
1 can cream of chicken soup

Put beef tips in crock pot or casserole dish. Mix all other ingredietns together, Pour on top of beef tips. Bake at 325 degrees for 2 and 1/2 hours, or on low all day on crock pot. Serve over prepared minute rice. I serve this meal with greem beans and either rolls or cornbread.

Speaking of cornbread....Did you see my Southern Staples post last week on cornbread?
Well, low and behold, Ms Crescent Dragonwagon did! She is the author of a new cookbook titled, "The Cornbread Gospels". She sent me the cutest email that read,
"Hey, Leigh --- You had me from... "ain't no one that can serve it up like someone's momma or grandmomma" and "Let me declare that cornbread is not sweet." Honeychile, I spent six years writing a little something on the subject called The Cornbread Gospels. ! Seriously, not everyone who writes about cornbread knows what they're talking about --- I'm really tickled when I run across someone who does!

Crescent Dragonwagon
Shortly thereafter, her cookbook arrived in the mail, the very one, The Cornbread Gospels. It is my new kitchen bible, for it indeed sings the praises of cornbread, in over 200 recipes. Newsflash-Cornbread is a religion to we southerners.
Written by someone who was "schooled" in southern cornbread in the state of Arkansas for 33 years,  It is steeped in our culture, in our raising and the root of many memories gathered 'round the supper table. And if for Heaven's sake, you haven't yet had a cast iron skilet of cornbread, then taste, and you too shall find religion in that bite of hearty ground corn and become a convert yourself. Also in the Cornbread Gospels you will find delightful commentary of stories, antedotes, history and cornbread lore. 
I have to share one of my favorite lines in the book, one that ironically is unrelated to cornbread but it southern culture in a nutshell, Dragonwagon writes, {using the nickname}" Honeychile", and my mother's social style is what I came to recognise as the classic manner in which southen women were (to some extent are) schooled: graceful, charming, genteel, effusive in thanks, indirect, quite certain (despite or because of this) to get their way, and capable of summing up others with wicked, deadly accuracy (generally onlu in private company, after a gin and tonic, or two)."
Oh, sooo true.
I want to extend my sincere thanks to Crescent Dragonwagon, for sharing your cookboook, The Cornbread Gospels, with me. I will cherish it always. I highly recommend it to others as a "kitchen bible". Preach on, my sista friend, Crescent, in the language that is heard by many but understood by all {southerners}...Food is love.
Sincere Appreciation for sharing your love with me! I am most touched. Leigh
To order your own copy of The Cornbread Gospels, click here.
It will make a wonderful gift to you or to someone you love.
Thanks for tuning into Foodie Friday.


Lone Star Queen said...

Hi Leigh! I'm going to check this cookbook out! Cornbread is always on my table when I need comfort food! Come by and see my new blog www.howdyfromcowtown (we have chatted about Alabama before at the old blog, Views from my Porch).


Mari said...

This recipe looks really good - I'll be trying it!

Mary said...

What a thrill that must have been for you. Your cornbread sounds delicious. I hope you are having a wonderful day.

Cass @ That Old House said...

How charming of the author to send you a copy of her cookbook! Does she still run a B&B in Arkansas? I believe that's the same Ms. Dragonwagon as I read about years ago in a magazine.

I was going to make a crockpot beef stew tomorrow (promised my dad!) but I think I may try your beef tips recipe instead --looks fab. I hope you don't mind if I substitute brown rice!

And I will make cornbread, even though I'm a Yankee. :-)

Best -- Cass

honeysuckle said...

Loved your saying of your father's. And the cornbread gospel was delightful to read. There must be something to that southern charm! Thanks for sharing that delicious sounding recipe!