Friday, November 13, 2009

Aunt Carol's Hashbrown Casserole

My husband's Aunt Carol is a very good cook. We always enjoy going and staying with her and Uncle Jim in Greenwood, Indiana. We call their home the Innisbrook Inn. We feel like we are staying at a bed and breakfast every time we go. They are so hospitable and gracious. One morning Aunt Carol prepared this hashbrown casserole. Traditionally she makes this as an accompaniment to fish or another meat as a dinner entree, but it could easily be served with the breakfast casserole and baked at the same time. IN our home, it has become a holiday meal staple.

Hashbrown Casserole
(This is my favorite thing that Aunt Carol makes!)

stick butter
16 oz sour cream
1 can creamed chicken soup*
Lowry Seasoning
chopped onion
1/2 lb Velveeta Cheese
24-32 oz hashbrown
2-3 cups cornflakes

Melt 1 stick of butter in a large pot (at least 2 quart) along with 1 can of cream of chicken soup (*I use cream of celery or even cream of onion because I am a vegetarian .)
Add 16 oz. sour cream (I use the light, but do not use fat free) Add 1 Tbsp. Lowry seasoning, even a little more if you like, along with about ¼ c. chopped onion.
After the above is a nicely blended, add ½ lb. Velveeta cheese. Melt the cheese and then add 24-32 oz. of thawed hash browns. I usually thaw overnight in fridge. I have used both the shredded and cubed hash browns, both just plain with no seasoning. Most people prefer the shredded.
Pour the mixture in a 9 x 12 casserole.

melt about ¼ c. butter and add 2-3 cups of crushed corn flakes to butter. Spread over top of hash browns and bake in 350 degree oven for about 40 minutes.


Jenny Hope said...

I LOVE hashbrown casserole. =)
I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!! =)

Alabama Gal said...

They sound wonderful. Thanks for sharing the recipes.

Anonymous said...

think I goofed somehow in trying to send too much... at any rate... you are the kindest woman ever! (in response to your blog about "aunt carol's cooking"! I was completely honored! You are truly a gift to this family... and an inspiration to all who know you! Merry Christmas and may your New Year be filled with many more adventures and celebrations of life!

Aunt Carol

Anita said...

This sounds yummy...I have a hashbrown casserole recipe that I have made a couple of times and am just not happy with the taste...I am definetly going to try this one. Yeah Aunt Carol..thanks for sharing with Leigh.

Mary said...

What a nice recipe. I'll bet your Aunt is thrilled you've posted her recipe.

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

I have this recipe and it is one of the best potato recipes I have. It is great with ham, or to take to a potluck.


jeanne said...

Hello Leigh, I have seen various recipes like this but I haven't seen this one. It sounds delicious. I like the corn flakes idea and Velveeta cheese. It looks yummy.

Hugs, Jeanne

Kelly said...

That is a staple at our house too. No holiday get-together is complete without a Potato Casserole. I've not made it with the Velveeta though. I bet that makes it really good. Gonna try this one Thanksgiving!

Granna said...

I made this Thanksgiving weekend and served it with a beef brisket. It was delicious and my family loved it. Thanks for sharing it with us!

Anonymous said...

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