Sunday, March 9, 2008

Bama Breeze Drink

My parents invited me to go to their beach house with them for the weekend. Because of other commitments, I couldn't go. They called me yesterday to tease me tell me that they were at the Parrothead Flocking Party at Lulu's. Thanks alot. I too am a "card caring" Parrothead. It kills me that I couldn't go. I did tune into the Lulu's web cam and see my parents while they were there. Mom and Dad, Behave! Big Brother is watching. I will bet they would've given anything for modern technology like this when I was a kid!
The 9th Annual Stars Fell on Alabama Parrothead Event is taking place March 6 - 9, 2008

Visit for more information. LuLu's welcomes all the feathered friends back to the Gulf Coast for another exciting weekend of great music, food and fun. My parents were enjoying the music of Hannah's Reef Band, while they took in the sights (there were many) and all the creative hats that topped many Parrot-heads. Sometimes Life just ain't fair.....
In honor of it just being a weekend and the Partying of all the Parrotheads at Lulu's (sniff, sniff), and HEY! It IS 5:00 somewhere........Here's a recipe from Lulu (and a little story to go with it)....The Bama Breeze......

My brother Jimmy’s recording of “The Bama Breeze” was his homage to coastal dives, particularly the famous Flora-Bama on the beach at the Alabama – Florida State line. He sent me a little love both when he changed the lyrics to call the bar owner “LuLu” and when he asked me if I wanted to play the bar owner in the video. I mused for just a second, thinking…hmmm… a woman who owns a bar, drinking a beer, jumps up on the stage and sings with the band. It wasn’t much of a stretch! I had crazy fun shooting the video but I’m glad I have my day job! Now I enjoy this drink at my own “Bama Breeze” bar on the beach at LuLu’s.
(Side Note,

2 ounces Absolut® Citron vodka
1 ounce Coconut rum
Juice of ½ fresh lime
½ ounce simple syrup
2-3 ounces cranberry juice
1. Fill tall glass with crushed ice
2. Add vodka and rum
3. Squeeze lime juice into glass
4. Fill with cranberry juice
5. Add simple syrup to desired sweetness
6. Stir
7. Garnish with fresh lime slice
Makes 1 Drink

LuLu Clue: To make your own simple syrup: In a small saucepan, bring ½ cup water and ½ cup sugar to a boil. Remove from heat and let cool to room temperature. When cool, pour syrup liquid into a storage container. This will keep, refrigerated, for a long time.
A SATURDAY SURPRISE: It must have been a shock to many of the LuLu's guest to see the Chief Parrothead stopped by LuLu's on a busy Saturday. Such was the case on January 28th, when Jimmy stopped in to visit LuLu and have a little gumbo.
Of another such incident reported by moi', read here.
*photos courtesy of Lulus Homeport.


Lindsey said...

The drink sounds delicious. I also LOVE Lulu's. It is a must when we visit Orange Beach. I'm also a big Buffett fan:)

Leigh said...

Lulu's has THE BEST condiments. I know that sounds weird. But the wow sauce! Sooo good! And the mustard sauce is also good. I love that place. My kids liken it to Disney World. They think it is so cool to have a big sand pit for kids. But it's so expensive. One time I ate there and got a grilled chesse and fries for me, coke to drink. I had two kids meals and Bama got a shrimp poboy. It was over $40.00! I almost died!

Lulu said...

Lulu's? Seriously?? I MUST VISIT!!