Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Leigh's Cool Cucumber Sandwiches

When my family heads to the beach, we pack a cooler with cold drinks and sandwiches and set camp for the day. At the beach, I want foods that are light, crisp, cool. What can be cooler than a cucumber sandwich? It is what is ALWAYS in my cooler.
Sceptical? SO was my brother and Dad. I think that they touted it for a sissy sandwich. My girlfriends at the recent girls getaway were more curious types, each wanting a bite. Honestly, I didn't get the sandwich back-from any of the above mentioned people. Everyone fell in love with my sandwich and it's crisp and light appeal.
It's a cinch to make....

1 8 oz package of light (or fat free) cream cheese, at room temperature
1 cucumber, thinly sliced
1 dry package of Hidden Valley ranch seasoning/dip mix
sliced bread

Mix the Hidden Valley Ranch seasoning with the cream cheese. Mix well. Lightly coat sliced bread for sandwich. Using paper towels, press out the water from the cucumbers. No one wants a soggy sandwich. To do this, I take a couple paper towels, lay them on the counter, put all the sliced cucumbers down side by side, onto the towels. Using another couple paper towels, lay them directly on top of the cucumbers. Lightly press on each cucumber, absorbing the moister.
When cucumbers are dry to touch, place them onto the sandwich bread with cream cheese. Top with pepper and add other sliced bread with cream cheese. Think you need some more filler for yours (men) add chicken salad. Enjoy.

Oh, so good in the summertime, especially on a beach!


Nancy said...

Yum! They sound and look wonderful, cool and refreshing! I'll have to try your recipe! Of course anything with cream cheese and Hidden Valley Ranch dressing mix can't be bad!

Dee said...

Can I come by for a cucumber sandwich tommorow? Those look yummy!!!

Drama Mama said...

will make at the beach next week-

Leigh said...

Nancy Grayce-Oh,m they are. And yes, tis true!

Dee- Anytime. I'd love it if ya would! Tried to say hey to you tonight in the registration madness. Ugg. Came home and medicated shortly after. Dont do crowds well.
Come on over for a sandwich!

Drama- I highly recommend it. So good and cool on a hot summer day.

Tammy said...

Brilliant, I tell ya', just brilliant. My kids would love these.

J said...

I'm soooooooooooooooooooooooo hungry! It's noon my time! This sounds so good! YUMMY!