Monday, June 16, 2008

Fruitful Weekend Recipes: Salad and Peanut Butter Pie

Hello "Frans!"
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and if a father, I hope you had a great Father's Day
My weekend was filled with good intentions, some were met, while others fell to the wayside.

Rain Rain, Dont go Away. You sound so lovely!
I had been planning for months to attend the Black and Blue Festival at Petal From the Past on Saturday. I had intended to be there at the 9 AM opening because I had plans later in the day and had hoped to beat the crowds and heat. However, when I awoke on Saturday morning I awoke to the most beautiful steady rain coming down, rumbles of thunder in the distance. It was so calming. And not good for blueberry picking. I thought, today is a perfect time to go back and get into the bed to snuggle with Big Daddy. It was beckonging back into bed. So that is exactly what I did and soon enough, I was pulling z's again. When I awoke it was close to 9, I am embarrassed to say. But I think I needed the sleep. I had not gone to sleep until 2 AM. Sometimes we have plans, but then other times I think there are more divine ones. And I think that rain kept me home and did me some good. I hope that if you went to the berry festival, that you left some berries for me. I am planning to go mid week-giving some time for those pinkish ones to turn blue for me.

Flo Day
I used the rest of the morning to attempt to burn some CD's for my friend Flo. We were to attend a surprise birthday for her after lunch. The theme was music-to add to her personal library. Let's just say, that her library needed some serious help. I burned two cd's. One hair bands-you expected that one didn't you? The other, "chicks" in Delite, Pink, TLC, Blondie, Lauper, Benetar, Nicks, Wilson, and so on...After that was done we-the whole family circus-were off for the party. We had to arrive before Flo got there. There were several folks there. We all hid in her poolhouse and then , "SURPRISE"......

She didn't have a clue. We had a wonderful day swimming and eating, and then repeating it all again. She seemed to love her Cd's and all of her gifts. As said in my fmaily, "A good time was had by all!" And it was. Evidence of that fun is documented in the post below in the slideshow.

Sunday was Fathers day.

After showering Big Daddy with hugs and gifts, Big Daddy wanted us to take him to lunch. I don't think I need to tell you that Big D is a simple guy. His pic for lunch, Papa Saia's. He wanted some hot wings. We delivered and had a fun family lunch together.
After lunch, I headed to my Dad's to wish him a Happy Father's day. Mom had cooked up a big lunch of corn

grilled chops

skillet friend okra and potatoes

green salad with homemade dressing (Here is the recipe's)

and (To die for) peanut butter chocolate chip pie (Lindsey-I think had your name on it. I recall your post of peanut butter love!).

I will not leave you hanging...Here is the recipe (Click to enlarge). If you frequent the beaches of Alabama, then you might have had this pie. The recipe if from the Original Oyster House Restaurant.

Yes, you are welcome!! Now wipe the droll of your chin!

I was so full from my lunch at Papa Saia's, but I did make me a take home plate for supper. If there is anything I know, it's don't turn down momma's cooking. You miss to much love that way. I think my Dad felt the love in that meal. Dad chose to spend his day in the comfort of his armchair, taking in the golf tournament and eating a slice of pie. There in his own little world. Somehow I married a man just like him....LOL!

Mom and I made a quick trip to a estate sale that was going on in Hoover. I was glad we did! I found some things I think I can use in Sledge's bedroom for above her bed. I purchased 2 iron pieces, white plates & a black throw pillow. (Picture to come later today in this post. As I type this Sledge is asleep and I don't dare wake her...)
After the estate sale, I went back home. Big Daddy was outside working in the yard. While he was weedeating, Bama mowed. I was sent up to the hardware store to pick up a load of bark and a load of pinestraw. I returned home and got to work on my flower beds and shrubbery. This consumed the remainder of our afternoon. The heat about killed us, but we got it all in.

It was a fruitful weekend, indeed! Well except for those blueberries that continue to call my name. Soon enough.....

Hope your weekend was "fruitful"!


rhoda said...

Hey, Leigh, we did make it to the berry fest & the rain stopped before we got there. It was pretty crowded, lots of folks out there picking. We brought home 3 pints of blackberries & I made my hubby a blackberry crisp for Father's Day. He loved it! And now he's inspired to buy plants & grow our own next year. Have you seen those Kiowa berries they grow?? Oh my word, those are the biggest berries I've ever seen.

I'll be posting about it later this week. I got some great shots of those berries up close.

PS I'll keep you posted on the Design Hop thing...when I can get a group of ladies together for it.

Have a good one,

Mrs Jules said...

These pictures are mouthwatering and I haven't had breakfast yet! ;) Thanks for sharing the recipe, too. I like that photo of hubby and the kids...hope he enjoyed his Father's Day.

We made Mr. Jules a big breakfast, went to service and then took him to see the new Indiana Jones flick. Very leisurely and relaxing! He was a happy man.

Lindsey said...

So the pie....UM IT IS DELISH! Now I'm all craving it. I've had it before. I love the Oyster House and it is a must when we visit the beach:) Thanks for rubbing it in, uh, I mean, sharing:) HA!

Leigh said...

Rhoda-I hope you saved me some blueberries. I'll bet that blackberry crisp was delicious. Divine! I will be sure to check out the Kiowa berries when I go.
I will be checking in. I go every day. I love your place! Yes, Keep me in mind.

Mrs Jules-You are often the ones that makes me crave things. The food you serve always looks delicious! It looks like Mr Jules had a good day too. He is blessed.

Lindsey-I knew that would have you drooling! And it is DELICIOUS. I'd share if you were here. I promise.

Caroline said...

Very nice, and your Mom's cooking sure did look good!

J said...

skillet friend okra and potatoes....that sounds so YUM! You might need to tell me how to do this! =)I think Mr S will love that pie! He is a PB FREAK! =) Thanks for sharing! Your always so good at that!