Monday, February 20, 2012

Manly Man's Sandwich

For lunch yesterday I made the fam a Manly Man's sandwich. You know, one with lots of meat and gravy and cheese. And the kids were pretty pleased with it too.

Seasoning we will use:

Gravy with onions (or not, your preference), season salt, lemon pepper, Tabasco (to taste), Worcestershire (about 2 tsp...or 8 if you are related to me!), and a meat marinade (2-3 tsp). Garlic (to taste.)

Begin with cubed steak. I cut it into 1 inch strips, going against the grain.
When you have all of your steak cubed, line steak your pan in a single layer.
Season your meat as it cooks in the pan.

For me, it takes two separate cooking of the meats.

Allow the meat to cook about 1-2 minutes per side, and transfer to another plate and do the remainder of the meat.

 While the meat is cooking add in some minced garlic. We LOVE minced garlic! We use it in just about EVERYTHING!!!

And this dish is no different.
I add in about a tsp per skillet.

After meat has coked on each side about a minute or 2, then
add in the gravy with onions to the pan and allow the meat to finish off cooking.
This will take about a minute.

While meat is in it's final stages of cooking, grill your sub rolls. Begin by adding about 2 Tbsp butter to your griddle. And allow it to melt and bubble up..

I use these subrolls, but you can use whatever bread you prefer. These hold up nicely to the filling of the sandwich.

Now, Split the subroll in half and leave it there to get crisp and brown in the pan. You want your bread happy. Like a summer tan.  It will take a few minutes.

After bread is nicely golden brown, add some cheese if you want.
We prefer Swiss on this sandwich.

Now spoon the meat onto the sandwich bread...

It makes for the perfect marriage.

Big Daddy is a happy man!

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