Friday, February 27, 2009

Crazy Chicken Salad

Big Daddy loves this recipe because it has no fruit or vegetables in it. The cream cheese is a nice change from the average chicken salad recipe. I put this on the crossant rolls from Sam’s. Serve with a bunch of grapes and side of kettle cooked chips-it’s a nice light meal.

Crazy Chicken Salad
1 bag frozen chicken tenders (boiled on stovetop until done)
1 tsp pepper
3 Tsp Salad cubes (heaping)
2 Pkg.(8 oz) cream cheese (room temp)
2 tsp. salt
¼ C mayonnaise (more for creamier)

Put cooked chicken in food processor and cut fine. Add remaining ingredients and work with hands until well mixed. Serve on sandwiches, croissants or as a spread for crackers.


Mari said...

This sounds so good! I like the idea of the cream cheese in it.

Kirby3131 said...

What are salad cubes?

Valarie Lea said...

I am glad I am not the only one asking, what are salad cubes???

Leigh said...

Mari- I htink that is the "special" ingredient that makes it differnt. My husband loves it.

Kirby & Valarie-The salad cubes can be found by the pickles, it is really a type of pickle relish, which can be substituted if you cannot find that.

LauraBeth said...

Sweet pickle cubes or dill?

Leigh said...

Hi Laura Beth-I guess that is a personal preference. We use what I use just taste like pickle relish. Let m eknow if you make it and what you think. My fmaily raves about it. We have a girls beach trip scheduled ain a couple months, I am going to make this and bring it with some crossant rolls from Sams. Easy meal.

squawmama said...

Wow Sounds really great... I love Chicken Salad and this version sounds yummy...Thanks