Thursday, February 5, 2009

Prison Potatoes

My brother in law knows a lot of people. It is kind of a joke with everywhere we go he will run into someone that knows him. He and Big Daddy are twins, yet people always remember The Artist which my husband and I find comical. Big Daddy is much more reserved and introverted, the artist is definitely the extrovert and always has a “posse” of friends with him. The Artist is now an artist for the Tuscaloosa News, but at one time he worked in a fancy, schmancy restaurant. Another coworker there gave him this recipe that he had learned while serving time in prison (the coworker, not my brother in law!). I have always heard that our tax dollars are feeding prisoners well, this just goes to show!

Prison Potatoes

Prepared Mashed Potatoes, real or instant
2 tsp.horseradish
2T butter
4 oz cream cheese
Mix all ingredients together. Add more horseradish for more of a kick.

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justabeachkat said...

Lock me up! Those sound delish!


(love your header photo)